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This wiki is about the about the world of Max Adventures (Movies, and TV Series).

Talks about the king and queen with her eldest son and heir Max (Paddle Pop) but during the ceremony naming of Max, Shadow Master invades the kingdom with the help of the king's brother, Rex. And so, the queen, delivery the young Max with his amulet to Higgabottom, leading him into the jungle, where he lived until his the age of 16 and thus discovers the truth of her past and goes on an adventure with the young Leena, Higgabottom, Twitch , Spike and Kara to release the kingdom
After Max become king, he passes to live various adventures, always beside her best friend Leena, teacher Higgabottom, Captain Kara, Twitch and Spike. But his adventures Cyberion, Pyrata, Kombatei and Elemagika not if know in what time if passes, because after the adventure "begins", the next the adventure of Max is Dinoterra.

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Max Adventures also boasts games of the adventures of young king Max that allows everyone to complete their adventures in the skin's of own Max


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Leena is a young lioness. Daughter of the principal founder of the Resistance, she was born on the same day that Max and his mother gave own life to give birth to Leena. Little is known about his childhood, what we know so far is that on the day of the invasion, your father fled to the underground tunnels and alongside other lions founded the Resistance

When she was 4, his father was captured and your lab destroyed. After that day, Higgabottom created Leena as if it were his daughterRead More...

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