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Leena or Liona
Vital statistics
Title Leena or Liona
Gender female
Species African Lion
(Panthera leo)
Born Kingdom of the Lion
Age 16( in "the begins")
18 or 17(presently)
Family Lionel (Father)
nameless (Mother)
Professor Higgabottom (foster father)
Max (best friend / possible love interest)
Twitch (friend)
Spike (friend)
Shadow Master (mortal enemy)
Edrick (ancestor)
Created Kingdom of the Lion/village underground
Resides Kingdom of the Lion
Talent intelligence, pilotage, marksmanship, animal care
First Cyberion
More Pyrata
Begins 2


Leena is a young lioness. Daughter of the principal founder of the Resistance, she was born on the same day that Max and his mother gave own life to give birth to Leena. Little is known about her childhood, what we know so far is that on the day of the invasion, your father fled to the underground tunnels and alongside other lions founded the Resistance

When she was 4, his father was captured and your lab destroyed. After that day, Higgabottom created Leena as if it were his daughter

After understanding what happened to her father, she vowed find her father and defeat Shadow Master and liberate the kingdom. Always keeping your personality warrior, smart, kind and righteous

Over the years, Leena was developing skills in the studies and increased its beauty. But she always did travel to the capital on the surface of the underground base despite being prohibited

After his last trip, Leena was discovered by Higgabottom and he explained to her be more careful and that your actions may endanger the safety of all and that she needs to have dedication in studies. Leena explained that she is the first of the class and Higgabottom decided to increase your the level of education

Even having difficulties at the beginning, Leena almost gave up continue but Higgabottom told her that she was like his father in several respects and that she needs continue the work of his father but for this, she can not give up. With the flame lit, Leena did not give up and continued his studies and in the end, his skills evolved and she found out about the secret project of his father, who was the nave phoenix(fenix)

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